2021-03-31 08:00

The Nomination Committee’s proposals for new board members in Qlife

Ahead of the Annual General Meeting of Qlife Holding AB on May 5, 2021, the Company's Nomination Committee announces its proposal regarding board members and chair of the board.

Qlife’s Nomination Committee proposes that the Annual General Meeting elects Mette-Marie Harild, Ulrik Harrysson and Mikael Persson as new Board members.

Mette-Marie Harild, born 1958, has a long experience of leading international organizations within the pharma/medical industry, inter alia from Medtronic where she worked for many years, most recently as Regional Vice President ABGI & Nordic. In her career, Mette-Marie has had a strong focus on customers, sales and change management and has vast experiences of public/private cooperation and purchases. Mette-Marie is originally a trained dentist and has an Executive MBA in Change Management. Mette-Marie is chairman of AmCham Healthcare Committee and the Danish Chamber of Commerce Life Science Board and is a member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Neurescue and the Danish Business Development Board under the Ministry of Commerce (Danish Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse). Shares in Qlife: 0.

Ulrik Harrysson, born 1969, is a driven strategist with many years’ experience of business development and sales in growth companies such as SyntheticMR, Hermes Medical Solutions and HemoCue, today as CEO of SyntheticMR. Ulrik has a deep experience of building sales organizations, through subsidiaries and distributor cooperations, industrial cooperation agreements, international product launches and tenders. Ulrik holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and has participated in several leadership programs. Shares in Qlife: 2000.

Mikael Persson, born 1967, has extensive operational and strategic global experience for instance as EVP and COO of Arjo, Getinge and Flügger, today as EVP Supply Chain, Operations and Product Development at Arjo. Mikael has through his career had the responsibility for manufacturing and purchases throughout the world and has received extensive experiences of purchase and manufacturing agreements, process optimization and rebuilding of Supply chain. Mikael holds a Master in Mechanical Engineering. Shares in Qlife: 0.

The Nomination Committee proposes the re-election of Mette Gross, John Moll, Niklas Marschall and Thomas Warthoe. Mette Gross is proposed re-elected as Chair of the Board.

The proposed board of directors is, with regard to the Company’s activities and stage of development, considered an adequate board composition in relation to qualifications, experience and background of the proposed board members. The Nomination Committee therefore considers that the proposed composition with seven board members is adequate to meet the needs which the Company’s operations are facing and will be facing.

The Nomination Committee's complete proposal and motivational statement will be presented in connection with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.

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