2023-01-11 09:00

Qlife completes freeze-drying project necessary for home-use

Together with a partner, Qlife’s scientific team has now finalized the prioritized project of freeze-drying the CRP reagents in the Egoo capsules. Small, dried reagent beads instead of liquid reagents will facilitate both transport and room temperature storage of test capsules - making the Egoo platform more versatile which is essential for the home-use environment.

Qlife has been able to develop a small, freeze-dried bead that consist of the CRP reagents used in the Egoo CRP Capsule. Instantly frozen reagents which then are freeze-dried into spherical beads are used instead of liquid reagents. This makes the product stable and user friendly and does not require refrigerated transport and storage.  

“The freeze-drying project has been a prioritized project since it is essential for making our test capsules available for home-use. Together with our project partner, we have completed the required steps of production validation of the freeze-dried reagents. The next and exciting step is to introduce Egoo CRP Capsule to the market as the first product in our Egoo portfolio to become available for home use”, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.

New Egoo CRP Capsule Features:

  • Freeze-dried beads instead of fluids
  • More stable and user-friendly capsules without specific storage requirements
  • Shipped and stored at room temperature up to +40 Celsius
wkr0006.pdf (664.3 KB)