2020-07-17 15:52

Qlife continues to work with professional sports, now abroad and within cycling

Qlife's focus on professional sports is centered around COVID-19 testing, which the company offers in collaboration with IT partner KMD. COVID-19 testing contracts have been closed with various domestic sports unions, such as Divisionsforeningen, DBU, and Badminton Danmark.

The company is now opening up to the rest of Europe, starting with a focus on professional cycling in cooperation with Geelmuyden Kiese (GK). A Contract has already been signed with Trek-Segafredo, and we expect more to follow within a few days.

"We early on decided to offer our multi-sample testing capacity to the sports community due to the clear need for larger volume testing. We intended to place Qlife on the COVID-19 testing map and thereby to position the company in a field where we believe testing will continue to be in demand. In the short term, we will also offer our core product platform – the little Egoo device – as soon as it is validated and ready to roll-out to selected clients.  We see a demand from the sports world to self-test on-site with the flexibility that the Egoo platform offers. 

Qlife continues to offer testing services for professional sports athletes so they can safely compete with little risk for COVID-19 infections. This ensures the best possible basis for top performances by athletes and consequently, the most entertaining and exciting sports events. Being able to deliver volume COVID-19 testing and on-site testing with our core product underlines the versatility of our product offering and an operational setup that has proven to work "satisfactorily, " says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.

"At KMD, we value our strategic partnership with Qlife on COVID-19 testing. In collaboration, we have in record time succeeded in setting up an IT platform that supports the safe delivery of test results on-site for the athletes and their related health personnel. It is crucial to ensure the sports unions we are working with, so they receive quick test results and that the test result is accurate and safely distributed." – Christian Binggeli-Winter, Director and Head of KMD's Data and Analysis Unit.

" We are extremely proud that we, with our good partnership with Qlife and KMD, can contribute to the re-opening of professional cycling. Together, we have created a test-setup that is both safe, flexible, and financially doable and, at the same time, fits perfectly with the challenging needs of the professional cycling elites' busy schedule that includes much travelling. It has only been possible due to the professionalism from Qlife and KMD and the large network within sport, culture, and entertainment from Geelmuyden Kiese." says senior adviser Morten Crone Sejersbøl.