2020-04-22 10:55

Qlife enters agreement with Nordsjællands Hospital to start validation of COVID-19 test

Qlife announces that it has entered into a research agreement with Nordsjællands Hospital (NOH), to continue the validation of the Egoo Sars-CoV-2 virus test. The focus of the collaboration is to start testing on real patient samples.

NOH is a major acute hospital, affiliated to the University of Copenhagen, and is part of Denmark's emergency response to the corona virus outbreak.

“The validation of the Egoo test will happen real-time at the testing facility in an emergency setting and data will be compared continuously. The test will be used as a pre-screening test and the expectation is a significantly improved time from swop-to-result, and a more efficient screening/sorting of in-coming patients so they may receive appropriate and specific treatment as soon as possible ” says Thomas Schiøler, MD Head of Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Nordsjællands Hospital.

Provided that the data continue to prove that the Egoo test is equal to laboratory PCR-based COVID-19 tests, the company expects that once enough data has been accumulated it will be possible to register the test for initial roll-out.

“Thanks to NOH's willingness to collaborate and test this new technological solution, we can access the critically important patient samples, which is a necessity to validate any given virus or bacteria test. We are grateful to Thomas Schiøler and his team and it is again a good example of how small medtech and major hospitals can work beautifully together for the benefit of healthcare in general” says Thomas Warthoe, CEO Qlife.

The Egoo virus test

The Egoo Sars-CoV-2 virus test will enable a decentralized testing to take place, at any place in the care sector and without usage of the central lab resources. The response time is expected to be approximately twenty minutes. This is a significant improvement from the present response time and will eventually contribute to increasing testing capacity. The positive effects for patients and health care staff are expected to be significant.

Qlife will continue to update regularly with progress in the validation process in the time to come.