2021-06-10 08:00

Qlife expands test capacity for Covid-19 during the European Football Championship in Copenhagen

Qlife is expanding its test capacity during the European Football Championship to help implement safe arrangements for the matches played in Copenhagen.

In connection with the European Football Championship in Copenhagen in the coming weeks, Qlife is expanding its testing capacity for Covid-19 to give more people access to RT-PCR tests with guaranteed response within 8 hours (same day answers). All test results are notified to the relevant authorities and an international electronic travel certificate is issued.

- It is gratifying that Qlife has the opportunity to contribute to the European Football Championship being carried out in a safe way, says Qlife's CEO Thomas Warthoe. We will increase our capacity around the matches played in Copenhagen and ensure that people around the event, such as media representatives, have the opportunity for a reliable testing.

The testing takes place without pre-booking at Symbion, Gribskovvej 4, 2100 Ø in Copenhagen, and is open to everyone. The price per test is 295 DKK.

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