2020-07-30 15:14

Qlife extends contract with Divisionsforeningen

In cooperation with KMD, Qlife has extended the contract with Divisionsforeningen. The extended contract is the continuation of COVID-19 testing of players and personnel in the two best football leagues, 3F Superligaen and NordicBet Ligaen, in Denmark. The contract extension is based upon the successful COVID-19 testing that Qlife delivered over the summer and will continue in an adjusted format.

The contract has been adjusted to reflect the lesser infectious rates over the past few months and to equal realistically economic circumstances that the clubs operate under. Among others Qlife will implement an adjusted protocol where samples from up to 5 players are pooled together so that the testing volume becomes lower.

“The extension of our contract with Divisionsforeningen is a confirmation of the quality of our ongoing work at Qlife, and we are happy to be able to offer an adjusted protocol that meet the needs of the clubs and Divisionsforeningen. Together with KMD, we continue to provide testing protocols that provide timely results. The continuation of the project is of significance to us, as it underlines that the organisation is capable of handling a large-scale project despite our limited time of commercial operation and small size.”, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.

“KMD has been able to set up a data platform corresponding to the need of Qlife and Divisionsforeningen that works very well. The handling of data is a crucial component in the COVID-19 testing setup, as it secures safe delivery of test results from Qlife to the football clubs. Going forwards, we will continue to work in close collaboration with Qlife to enhance the data handling processes even further.” – Christian Binggeli-Winter, Director and Head of KMD's Data and Analysis Unit.

Test of players and other personnel has been crucial for us to start and finish the 19/20 season. The only responsible thing to do now, is to continue with tests in the coming season, to ensure the safety of players, clubs and fans. Together with our thorough protocols it can hopefully be a contributing factor for getting more fans onto the stadiums” – says Claus Thomsen, Director of Divisionsforeningen.