2020-11-30 08:00

Qlife to increase decentralized testing of professional football in Denmark with Divisionsforeningen - Egoo.Health-platform placed in three clubs

Qlife will assist professional football in Denmark to perform additional and decentralized testing of COVID-19. Weekly testing of all players and staff in league clubs has been performed since May. Now, Divisionsforeningen has decided to increase decentralized PCR-testing onsite for all clubs as a complement to the lab testing by placing the Egoo.Health-platform in three strategically located football clubs. The Egoo.Health-platform will be in place no later than December 7.

Since May 2020, Qlife has been handling all testing for COVID-19 for professional football in Denmark. The test capacity includes weekly testing of all players and staff in league clubs in order to decrease the risk of infection spread. Divisionsforeningen is very pleased with the test capacity overall and want to initiate decentralized PCR-testing onsite with this new initiative with the Egoo.Health-platform. The clubs where the system will be placed are Brøndby, Vejle and Randers. Test results will be available in 30 minutes.

Given that the Egoo.health platform is yet not CE-marked the procedure will be done under a Qlife protocol as a performance evaluation study. The Scope is to evaluate how well the Egoo.Health platform performs in a decentralized setting at the local clubs. The study will be conducted in collaboration with Divisionsforeningen and is not part of the CE-mark proceedings, which are running in parallel.

“Divisionsforeningen is a fore runner for testing for COVID-19 among professional sport clubs in Europe. They have tested players and staff to a greater extent than is required and we have delivered tests according to protocol. The decision by Divisionsforeningen to initiate onsite PCR-testing at three individual clubs as well as a performance evaluation study is a confirmation of the success of our ongoing mission. The study will provide invaluable direct user feedback from the individual clubs on the performance of our Egoo.Health platform”, says Thomas Warthoe”, CEO Qlife.

Procedures//Protocol of Decentralized testing with The Egoo.Health-platform

  • PRC-test with test results within 30 minutes.
  • Each individual football club can perform the swab and take it to one of the test locations and perform the test by themselves.
  • Each club will train and dedicate authorized personnel that is allowed to perform the test, thus making them independent of external personnel.
  • Each club can perform testing 24/7.