2020-06-19 19:53

Qlife tests badminton players for COVID-19, for this weekend's RSL Final 4 play

KMD and Qlife has entered an agreement with Badminton Denmark to COVID-19 test all players in the final game of the Danish badminton tournament for clubs, RSL Final 4.

"The fact that we COVID-19 tests all players before the tournament gives players, clubs, organisers and spectators a peace of mind that the framework is safe and secure. This provides the best possible basis for top performance on the course and an entertaining and exciting running of the playoffs", says Bo Jensen, Director of Badminton Denmark.

 "KMD already has a commitment to sport and data, and we are pleased that we can also contribute in this exceptional situation for all parties. In the longer run, testing of biomarkers along with greater usage of data, opens new opportunities in the sports field, but right now, it is all about continuing activities and events with safety in mind", says Christian Binggeli-Winter, Director and Head of KMD's Data and Analysis Unit.

"In connection with the Corona crisis, we have had the opportunity to initiate COVID-19 tests with an accuracy consistent with the laboratory tests carried out in hospitals. Initially, we perform tests in the presence of trained staff and through our central laboratory resources, but the next step is that everyone can complete the test themselves and get answers after 20 minutes", explains Thomas Warthoe, Director of Qlife.

RSL Final 4 will be held on Friday, June 19th and Saturday, June 20th in Brøndby Hallen. Read more about the running of RSL Final 4 at badminton.dk.