2022-08-18 08:30

Qlife updates vision and websites – Reinforced emphasis on making Egoo Health available for home use

Qlife today presents an updated vision and new websites for corporate and IR communication as well as for the company’s diagnostics self-testing platform Egoo Health. The objective is to emphasize the foundation of Qlife’s purpose to help improve quality of life for every individual and for the future society by making Egoo Health available for home use.

Qlife was founded based on the idea that Egoo Health could help people lead a better life by using the diagnostics self-testing platform Egoo Health. Today, the short-term focus is on completing product development and approvals for CRP (inflammation and risk biomarker) and PHE (PKU disease biomarker). The intention is to carry out a soft launch of CRP as a wellness test without medical claims during 2022, while in parallel submit the technical file to authorities for approval with the medical claims. This will allow Qlife to put the product on the market already this year, as it provides a good opportunity to validate the digital platform and evaluate the home use case and packaging of customer solutions and pricing models. During 2023 the company expect full launch of all current tests in development and to start development of additional test to continue to strengthen the Egoo Health menu.

To reinforce Qlife´s objective and strategy for making Egoo Health readily available to a broader market, the updated vision will provide guidance to the continued development of the product pipeline and the communication with target audiences in specific niche markets.

“Having a clear vision is key to our success. With this updated vision we want to emphasize our original mission and execute on our long-term plan. During the past year, Qlife has been transitioning and transforming to a post-covid reality. Now, new opportunities provide us with a need to go back to our original purpose and focus to achieve greater impact. Also, since June, all Qlife employees share the same workplace in the Copenhagen area which give us opportunities to create new purposeful synergies within the whole organization. The launch of the updated vision and purpose provides a common ground and understanding for where we need to go in the future as well as a clear promise to our customers and shareholders”, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife Holding.

The websites were updated as of Thursday August 18, 2022.

Qlife’s updated vision

Qlife is born to challenge the status quo in healthcare. We work to shift the perspective and turn today's view on healthcare into tomorrow's focus on health- empowerment. We are on a quest to empower people with more accessible ways to understand their health - so that they can move beyond reactive care towards proactive wellbeing. It's how we contribute to improving quality of life for every individual and for the greater society.

Qlife's updated brand proposition/purpose

Empowering better being

We improve quality of life, by giving everyone the power to make informed health decisions, while never missing a beat in their everyday lives.

Qlife’s updated corporate and IR website


Egoo Health’s updated website