2021-05-18 08:00

Qlife's Board of Directors and management exercise warrants of series TO1 for SEK 2.4 million

Members of the Board of Directors and management of Qlife have exercised warrants of series TO1. The subscription period for the warrants of TO1 began on May 3 and runs until May 31, 2021.

The warrant holders have the right to subscribe for one (1) new share in Qlife for each two (2) owned warrants of series TO1 at a price of SEK 17.50 per share. The number of warrants of series TO1 that have been exercised by members of the Board of Directors and management amounts to 269,352, corresponding to a subscription of 134,676 shares with a value of SEK 2,356,830.

Thomas Warthoe sells 1,200,000 warrants to a number of investors and to board member Mikael Persson.  Thomas Warthoe intends to use the proceeds from the sale to subscribe for an additional 61,951 shares during the exercise period.

Today, Thomas Warthoe privately owns a total of 243,902 shares and through the company PKV Consult an additional 1,201,200 shares.

The Board of Directors and management exercise their warrants of TO1 as follows:

Thomas Warthoe, CEO and board member

Exercise 123,902 TO1, corresponding to SEK 1,084,142.50

John Moll, Board member

Exercise 81,300 TO1, corresponding to SEK 711,375

Mette Gross, Chairman

Exercise 40,650 TO1, corresponding to SEK 355,687.50

Mikael Persson, Member

Exercise 20,000 TO1, corresponding to SEK 175,000  

Jacob Broberg Lind, Sales Director Clinical

Exercise 3,500 TO1, corresponding to SEK 30,625

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