2021-11-03 16:27

Qlife’s first scientific study of its COVID-19 test on the mobile Egoo Health system published in Natures Scientific Reports

Qlife announces today that the scientific study of the company's COVID-19 test has been accepted for publication in Natures Scientific Reports. The study demonstrates the potential of Qlife's mobile test platform Egoo.Health and COVID-19 tests that can deliver almost the same clinical quality as laboratory tests in 30 minutes.

Today, most people get their diagnosis through so-called quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR) which is performed in specialized laboratories. This means that it often takes more than 24 hours from test to diagnosis.

The Scientific study contains the first data from the mobile testing platform Egoo.Health and shows that Qlife's COVID-19 test offers an alternative to traditional qRT-PCR assays. Qlife's COVID-19 test, based on the NAAT/RT-SIBA technology, is performed with throat swab and can deliver test results with almost the same sensitivity and specificity as laboratory tests (qRT-PCR) in 30 minutes without specialized laboratory equipment.

The complete study will be available shortly in Scientific Reports (https://www.nature.com/srep/).

wkr0006.pdf (634.07 KB)