2022-05-12 09:00

Qlife’s new filtration unit significantly broadens the market for the Egoo platform

Qlife has developed a new, small, and disposable filtration unit able to filtrate plasma from whole blood. The filtration unit, EgooCollect, will be an integral feature of the Egoo platform making it more versatile and ideal for decentralized settings. A patent application for EgooCollect has recently been filed. The next step is to incorporate EgooCollect in the development of the PKU test in accordance with IVDR.

Qlife’s scientific team has completed the development of a blood-to-plasma filtration unit for blood-based biomarker testing. The Egoo capsule already integrates all reagents and with the new filtration unit instead of adding whole blood into the capsule now plasma is entered, and the test is executed in the device accordingly. In short, the filtration unit is making the Egoo platform more versatile as it now can be used for testing plasma in addition to whole blood.

  • New biomarkers: The range of biomarkers the Egoo platform can detect increases significantly since many protein-based assays should be measured in plasma to maintain the clinical-grade level
  • Accuracy: EgooCollect will help the Egoo platform produce even more accurate tests due to testing in plasma instead of whole blood
  • Faster and cost-effective development: Future biomarker tests will be easier and more cost-effective to develop since increased accuracy means less risk and faster validation.

“EgooCollect makes the Egoo platform more competitive - in terms of use in decentralized settings. As of today, we are not aware of a similar or as powerful filtration unit for point-of-care platforms that target a variety of biomarker tests. By incorporating this technology in future biomarker tests, we are eager to explore the new opportunities this innovation opens for us. It will significantly accelerate the development of our protein-based tests”, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.

EgooCollect will be an integral feature of the Egoo platform, and as such included in the regulatory process of each test that requires plasma filtration. A patent application for EgooCollect has just been filed and covers the composition and the function of the unit. Moving forward, EgooCollect will be a featured in the PKU test which Qlife is currently developing in accordance with IVDR.

This is how the EgooCollect works:

As the graphics in the document shows (https://www.egoo.health/blood-to-plasma), the EgooCollect consists of a small filtering unit where a drop of blood is collected and filtered in several steps inside the unit. A certain amount of plasma is then transferred to a detachable collector that is detached from the EgooCollect unit and inserted into the test capsule of the Egoo platform. The capsule is then inserted into the Egoo device and test results produced. 

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