2023-02-15 12:00

Qlife’s web shop for the Egoo Health with CRP Capsule is now open

Today, February 15, Qlife opened the Egoo Health webshop for the Egoo system with CRP Capsule. The Egoo CRP Capsule is the first product in Qlife’s Egoo portfolio to be introduced to the home market. Both system and capsules can be ordered on


“With this launch, Qlife really can start delivering on our vision of bringing lifestyle biomarker testing with quantitative precise data to a wider health-conscious audience and for home use”, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife. “Based on Qlife’s own information, this is the world's first self-test platform for immuno-diagnostics biomarkers.”

CRP capsules are available as single orders or as subscriptions and initially launched without medical claims. Qlife will file for CE-mark, which allows for broader clinical applicability of the platform.

Qlife was founded based on the idea that Egoo Health could help people lead a better life by using the diagnostics self-testing platform Egoo Health, Empowering a Better Being.