2020-07-06 14:55

News letter - commercial activities and communication

We have been incredibly busy over the last few months and a lot has happened in our organization, within product development and regulatory, and most of all with deliveries to our customers. We would like to sum up some of the customer activities for you in this newsletter.

In April we closed a contract with the professional Danish football league for regular testing of all players and staff for COVID-19 and delivery of test results were initiated already in week 22. The testing is still ongoing every week. The logistics around the testing as well as the significant amount of tests required that we very quickly expanded our lab capacity in terms of staff and equipment, validated our technology in a multiple-sample device (Big Egoo) and partnered up with external health care professionals to assist us in the testing procedures. We are proud to say that we are delivering tests according to protocol and contract in a flawless manner.

Over the last couple of months, we have delivered similar testing services to several smaller customers.

  • We helped with testing for Badminton Denmark in connection with the RSL final 4
  • Two TV productions has made their sets safer with regular testing for COVID-19
  • Copenhagen Business School has had a few people tested to proceed an important event in a safe manner
  • A minister got her test done with us when a negative test was a prerequisite for an event

In June Qlife got some attention in the Danish political environment and we made a presentation for the Health Committee in the Danish parliament. The focus was how to prevent loneliness in our elderly homes by offering tests of relatives before visits.

For as long as we are delivering large scale test capacity like we currently do to Divisionsforeningen, we will use the Big Egoo for the most efficient scale of delivery. At the same time, it provides us with a steady flow of validation data required for our continued preparations for regulatory approval (CE mark professional use) of the COVID test in the Egoo home system. 

When we sell our products and services we evaluate if the expected sales amount is of a significance that requires a press release, in accordance with relevant regulations. When sales are not expected to be significant, we do not press release the contract. When the customers are – for one reason or another - strategically interesting, or if the customer themselves communicates around the Qlife order, we keep our website up to date by releasing information as news on our website. The news is also distributed to our Cision Newsroom, and to the subscribers on our news. So, keep updated on big and small by signing up on our website https://qlifeholding.com/en/investors/news.

We will elaborate more on the outcome of the second quarter, status of our products development and regulatory activities in our next quarterly report being released on August 18th.

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