2020-08-21 13:55

Qlife to expand their COVID-19 testing to include all professional handball in Denmark

In cooperation with KMD, Qlife is entering into a partnership with Divisionsforeningen Handball in order to test all players, referees and on-pitch personnel for COVID-19 on a weekly basis.

Due to the increasing of infectious rates over the past few weeks, it has been agreed that Qlife will be handling all testing for COVID-19 for professional handball in Denmark. Testing will start today so tests are done before the first exciting match between Odense Håndbold and Team Esbjerg tomorrow, Saturday 22, 2020.

Qlife has created a set up with COVID-19 test, adjusted for the needs of Handball with a few days notice. The plan ensures that the 28 league clubs, together with referees will be tested weekly, in order to decrease the risk of infection spread.

“After helping Danish Football, Badminton and International cycling to start up their seasons we are very happy to have the opportunity to help Danish Handball start safely as well.” Says Thomas Warthoe CEO, Qlife

“We are happy that we now can deliver value to yet another of the sports that is cherished by the Danes by helping Danish Handball to start their seasons in a secure and safe way for both men and women.
KMD is already engaged within sport and data, and even if the corona situation is very special then it is always in the end about delivering and treating data in a way so the client can use them directly in their business or in this case, their sport,” Says Christian Binggeli-Winter, Director for KMD’s unit for data and analysis

“It is crucial for both players, trainers and clubs that we can start both the Bambusa Womens League and the Mens League in a responsible and safe way. You cannot have a handball match without physical contact so we are very happy that we, with this new cooperation, can take the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of infection so the clubs can focus on delivering exciting handball matches when the two season starts,” Says Thomas Christensen, CEO Divisionsforeningen Håndbold.