2022-10-12 08:00

Qlife takes Egoo Health to Biohacker Summit 2022 – to engage with potential consumers and gain industry insights

For the first time, Qlife will attend the Biohacker Summit in Amsterdam on October 15-16th, to present Egoo Health to the international biohacker community with the aim of reaching potential customers and creating awareness within the community.

This is the largest biohacker event in the world and gathers people, companies, and organizations across the medical, health, and wellbeing sector, providing an optimal platform for networking, inspiration, and collaboration. The aim of the Summit is in line with the objectives and values of Egoo Health, namely, to inspire and enable people to live healthy lives, by means of preventative measures. 

“This is a great opportunity for Qlife to talk about Egoo Health, and we are very excited to take part in and engage with the important and growing biohacker community. We expect to draw attention to our Egoo Health brand, gain a lot of new insights, as well as get first hand feedback on the look and feel of the Egoo system from future users”, says Christopher Lee Dahm, Marketing Manager at Qlife. 

At the event, Egoo Health´s exhibition booth will reflect our purpose “Empower better being”. By resembling “at home” and by performing demo test with the Egoo system in the booth, the overall experience will underline and emphasize the product’s easiness of use at home.

The biohacker community consists of deeply health-interested people looking for innovative ways to optimize their health, by actively searching for new, preventive, and innovative tools and technologies. We will make a number of  pre-orders of the CRP product available for the attendees, offering a special Summit discount. This way, we will get a foot hold within the influential target group biohackers as well as pre-start our commercial launch of the CRP product for home-use.

About Biohacker Summit:

The Biohacker Summit 2022 in Amsterdam will take place October 15-16th and is expected to attract over 1000 deeply health-interested private people and biohackers. The event will have over 40 keynote speakers and more than 50 brand exhibition spots. Read more about the Biohacker Summit on the official website: https://new.biohackersummit.com/