2023-04-03 14:22

The Nomination Committee’s proposals for new board members in Qlife

Ahead of the Annual General Meeting of Qlife Holding AB on May 4, 2023, the Company's Nomination Committee announces its proposal regarding board members and chair of the board.

Qlife’s Nomination Committee proposes that the Annual General Meeting elects Lars Bangsgaard as new Chairman of the Board, Lars Wegner as new Board member and re-election of Mette-Marie Harild, Mikael Persson and Thomas Warthoe. The existing board members Mette Gross, Ulrik Harrysson and John Moll have declined re-election.

Lars Bangsgaard, born 1953, is one of the original founders of Qlife and had the CFO position up until March 2022. In his CFO position Lars was part of the executive management and worked closely with the Board of Directors. Lars has a long experience from finance positions in Volvo Denmark, Rockwool and Averhoff, and is a former auditor.

Lars Staal Wegner, born 1974, is an experienced CEO and board member in Biotech. Lars was CEO in US Nasdaq listed Evaxion Biotech until 2022 and has vast experience in Business Development and commercial expansion from Bavarian Nordic (former VP Commercial Affairs). Lars is a Medical Doctor from University of Southern Denmark and holds leadership and strategy education from IMD Lausanne and Harvard Business School.

“Lars Bangsgaard knows the company well, and is well equipped to support Qlife’s management and board to ensure work progresses according to plans and requirements. Lars Staal Wegner’s solid background in Business development will be a great addition to Qlife in our ongoing dialogues with potential partners in development and commercialization. The re-election of Mette-Marie, Mikael and Thomas will ensure the continuity in the strategic and operational plans initiated, and we are happy to have continued access to their expertise ” Says Peter Warthoe, co-founder and Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee proposes the re-election of Thomas Warthoe, Mette-Marie Harild and Mikael Persson. Mette Gross, Ulrik Harrysson and John Moll has declined re-election.

The proposed board of directors is, regarding the Company’s activities and stage of development, considered an adequate board composition in relation to qualifications, experience and background of the proposed board members. The Nomination Committee therefore considers that the proposed composition with five board members is adequate to meet the needs which the Company’s operations are facing and will be facing.

The Nomination Committee's complete proposal and motivational statement will be presented in connection with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.