2023-06-26 10:35

Qlife to make its Egoo technology available as an open system to facilitate development and accelerate revenue streams

Qlife was founded based on the idea to help people to a better life by using the self-testing Egoo System at-home, simplifying preventive healthcare. This is still valid, and driven by feedback and demand from stakeholders, Qlife will now make its technology available as an open system, under the brand “Egoo Innovate”, targeted at highly attractive markets such as clinical laboratories for public health concerns, CROs related to trials at-home, Pharma companies related to companions, and life science labs in general.

“Since the IPO in March 2020 Qlife has achieved a lot of encouraging goals”, says CEO Thomas Warthoe. “We have continuously listened to the market to adjust our offers and have now concluded that we will add a more open approach to our unique technology Egoo System. At the same time, we have reduced our burn-rate and changed our operating model so that most operational tasks are outsourced. This permits us to be a small and agile organization that only keeps absolute core competencies in-house.”

“As a result, we have decided that the best way to further develop the company is to offer the general research- and clinical lab communities the opportunity of innovating and implementing their biomarker assays on the Egoo System, bringing their research to the home of patients. This will tap into a significant targeted market and enable faster innovation and development as well as optimization of new biomarkers, with and by new partners – simply by letting others join in.”

“Marketing and selling our technology as an open system mean that we increasingly will focus on entering collaborations with strategic partners and that we have an even clearer commercialization focus. The open system approach will give better, more profitable, and faster revenue streams for the company”.

Egoo Innovate

Egoo Innovate is bringing our vision to life by allowing the research community easy access to the highly optimized Egoo System so that they can implement their clinical-grade biomarkers and bring them into at-home testing. The aim is to give researchers the tools to easier recruit patients and decrease cost on logistics, while freeing up time for analysis of data.

Egoo Innovate is divided into 3 phases; a) implementation of biomarkers on the system; b) verify performance through small scale studies; c) upscale and validation. Egoo Innovate will supply and accustom the system to fit the necessary specs for each researcher to be successful.