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QLIFE HOLDING AB, Interim Report Q2, January to June 2023

New Operating Model

Financial summary – second quarter 2023

  • In Q2 2023 QLife has completed restructuring of its operation by reducing the number of employees and terminating a long term lease for production facilities. With these activities behind us QLife is ready for the future with a new lean partner based operating model.
  • Revenue in the period amounted to kSEK 46 (4,025). Revenue includes sales of Egoo.Health devices and capsules for the device. As the company has discontinued the COVID test capsules revenue is from the first test orders of CRP capsules and Egoo systems.

  • EBITDA for the period amounted to kSEK -16,287 (-20,623), and net loss kSEK -24,869 (-23,781).

  • The total cash flow in the first quarter amounted to kSEK 7,894 (-8,977).

  • Earnings per share before/after dilution for the second quarter amounted to SEK -0.05 (-1.30), calculated on weighted average number of shares in the period.

Financial summary – January-June 2023

  • Revenue in the period amounted to kSEK 169 (14,930). Revenue includes sales of Egoo.Health devices and capsules for the device.

  • EBITDA for the period amounted to kSEK -27,860 (-36,918), and net loss kSEK -39,484 (-35,419).

  • The total cash flow in the first half amounted to kSEK -4,217 (-39,713).

  • Earnings per share before/after dilution for the first half of 2023 amounted toSEK -0.16 (-2.29), calculated on weighted average number of shares in the period.

Significant events – 1st half of 2023

  • Qlife Holding announces the outcome of the exercise of warrants series TO 2
    In total, Qlife issued 2,884,980 units in the Rights Issue, each consisting of one (1) share and one (1) warrant series TO 2. One (1) warrant entitled the right to subscribe for 1.08 new shares in the Company at an exercise price of SEK 0.21 per share. The exercise period of the warrants ran from 7 – 21 June 2023. The outcome shows that 12,987 warrants were utilized for subscription of 14,023 shares, meaning a subscription rate ofapproximately 0.17 per cent. Exercised warrants have been replaced with interim shares pending registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.
    Through the exercise of the warrants the Company receives approximately SEK 3 thousand before issue costs. The total number of shares in Qlife increases by 14,023, from 645,421,476 to 645,435,499. The share capital in Qlife increases by SEK 1,121.84, from SEK 51,633,718.08 to SEK 51,634,839.92.

  • Qlife publishes outcome of rights issue
    On April 27th Qlife announced the outcome the the rights issue that was announced in February 2023. The subscription summary shows that 122,853,750 units, corresponding to approximately 21.3 percent of the Rights Issue, were subscribed for by exercise of unitrights. In addition, 56,332,035 units were subscribed for without unit rights, corresponding to approximately 9.8 percent of the Rights Issue, and underwriters subscribed for 397,627,615 units, corresponding to approximately 68.9 percent of the Rights Issue. Accordingly, the Rights Issue has been subscribed for to a total of 100 percent. The Company will thus receive total proceeds of approximately SEK 57.7 million before transaction costs, and upon full exercise of all warrants, Qlife will receive additional proceeds of a maximum of approximately SEK 67 million before transaction costs. Due to the completion of Rights Issue, a recalculation of the exercise terms for the Company’s previously issued warrants series TO 2 has been carried out and has resulted in that the highest subscription price in the interval now amounts to SEK 9.27 and that each warrant series TO 2 entitles the right to subscribe for 1.08 new share in the Company. The other terms and conditions for warrants series TO 2 remain unchanged.


  • Launch of Egoo Health and CRP test
    The CRP test has been soft-launched as a test without medical claims and will be followed by submission of the file for CE-mark, which allows for broader clinical applicability of the platform. With the launch of our CRP capsule, Qlife will start delivering on our vision of bringing lifestyle biomarker testing with quantitative precise data to a wider health conscious audience and for home use. The Egoo Health, both device and CRP capsules, is available for all customers to order on the Egoo Health webshop. Capsules are available as single orders or as subscriptions. Based on Qlife’s own information, this is the world’s first self-test platform for immuno-diagnostics biomarkers.

  • Announcement of rights issue
    On March 24, 2023 the extraordinary general meeting, resolved to carry out an issue of 576,813,400 units, consisting of shares and warrants of series TO 3, with preferential rights for the Company’s existing shareholders. Provided that the Rights Issue is fullysubscribed, the Company will receive proceeds of approximately SEK 57.7 million. The Rights Issue has been secured to 100 percent.

  • Launch of Egoo Innovate
    at the annual AACC (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) conference in Anaheim,
    CA Qlife made the official launch of Egoo Innovate, offering Egoo as an open system for researchers to implement their biomarker assays and bring them into at-home or pointof-need surroundings.


Significant events after the end of 1st half 2023

  • Directed issue of convertibles
    On August 3rd the board of directors of Qlife Holding AB (“Qlife” or the “Company”) has, pursuant to the authorization granted by the annual general meeting on 4 May 2023, resolved on a directed issue of a convertible loan raising gross proceeds of SEK 4,647,035prior to deduction of transaction costs. The convertible loan is expected to satisfy the Company’s financing need until the end of 2023.

Link to Q2 report on Qlife Holdings webpage

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