2024-06-03 09:00

Qlife starts clinical trial in China with first biomarker on Egoo Health

Qlife and its partner Hipro Biotechnology have validated performance of the first biomarker C-Reactive Protein and are now starting clinical testing.

Since last year, Qlife has worked diligently towards transferring the Egoo Health platform to Hipro in China to setup pilot production of consumables, validate performance with Hipro reagents, and move the first target assay into clinical testing. For Qlife, this constitutes an important step towards getting regulatory approval of Egoo Health in China and starting sales.

C-Reactive Protein is one of the most used biomarkers for inflammatory diseases and to monitor infection levels in relation to antibiotic treatment and usage. It represents a significant potential in a home-hospital context for patients at risk of getting serious infections.

The objective for Egoo health is to have a menu that contains the most critical biomarkers that makes it possible safely to monitor blood levels from home.

CEO, Thomas Warthoe comments:

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration. Taking the first biomarker into trials is an important validation of the collaboration and has been done in record time. We expect the hospital trial to take 3-4 months, after which we will file for regulatory approval and clearance for sales and marketing. As previously communicated, following market clearance of 3 biomarkers including C-Reactive Protein, the first full year of sales from the collaboration in the Chinese market is estimated to be in the range of 100-200 MSEK” says Thomas Warthoe.

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