2024-03-27 11:38

UPDATE: Qlife is emphasizing its strategy to finalize regulatory and Go-To-Market in China, register in Asian countries through partners, and then file for approval in the UK and EU

It has been mentioned in the media that Qlife is no longer focused on the EU and other markets. However, as communicated previously, Qlife is focused on finalizing regulatory work in China and roll-out in China together with partner Hipro Biotechnology. Following this, the plan is to register in other Asian countries where partnerships have been established, as well as in the UK and EU.

“As a small MedTech company, we must have an opportunistic view on where we can get our products to market first – the new regulatory framework in the EU has made it extremely resource-demanding to fulfill all regulatory requirements. However, we remain committed to bringing the Egoo Health platform to all markets, especially the Scandinavian countries and Europe in general. We are simply following the pathway that, resource-wise, makes the most sense for us. Eventually, the idea is to be in all global markets,” says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.