Extraordinary General Meeting

Invitation to extraordinary general meeting on January 16 2024


Here you will find the share information for Qlife Holding AB. Our press releases and financial quarterly reports, our annual reports, calendar and information about our corporate governance work. Qlife Holding AB aims for a fast and transparent accounting to shareholders and the financial market.

The company is listed on Nasdaq, First North Growth Market, Stockholm as from March 2, 2020

The Egoo product is a platform for accurate bio-marker testing. At a low cost and with equipment easy to use, it measures and analyses the patient’s blood. The patient can do the testing at home themselves. Read more on our product page.


Read the 2022
annual report


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Thomas Wathoe presents at Aktieportföljen Live 


Thomas Wathoe presents potential of partnership with Hipro Biotechnology


Thomas Wathoe presents Qlife
in interview with Dagens PS

Thomas Warthoe, CEO, presents at Redeye
diagnostics seminar 2022

Thomas Warthoe, Stora Aktiedagen
Stockholm December 1st 2021

Interview with
Thomas Warthoe

FILM explained

In less than four minutes, CEO Thomas Warthoe explains what Egoo Health is all about, how it works and why it makes a difference for ordinary people, medical staff and health institutions.