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Qlife is born to challenge the status quo in healthcare. We work to shift the perspective and turn today's view on health-care into tomorrow's focus on health-empowerment. We are on a quest to empower people with more accessible ways to understand their health - so that they can move beyond reactive care towards proactive wellbeing. it's how we contribute to improving quality of life for every individual and for the greater society. 



Qlife Holding AB is a med-tech group that strives to revolutionize the market for clinical biomarker and virus tests. By enabling tests at home as a complement to tests in healthcare, access to important health information is facilitated, which can contribute to better treatment and potentially prevent diseases.

Qlife Holding was formed in October 2019 and received the certification ISO 13485:2016 the same year, which means that Qlife meets all requirements for the manufacture and sale of in-vitro diagnostic analyzers and reagents. The first capsules in the company's product, Egoo.Health Platform, were CE marked for professional use in early 2020. The company has patent protection for key parts of its technology.

Egoo Diagnostic System

Egoo.Health Platform

Egoo Health is bringing our vision to life, with a product platform that enables advanced biomarker testing, an easy-to-use device and accessibility to everyone, anywhere. The aim is to give people access to important health data at clinical-grade level - something that has never been possible like this before.

The Egoo system is an integrated platform, consisting of a small device, disposable capsules and the supplementing software - a system that can be used at home or at point of care. Each capsule contains a test for a specific biomarker or virus.