2021-06-09 12:30

The ownership of Qlife's founders is divided into four owner companies

The four founders of Qlife - Thomas Warthoe, Peter Warthoe, Lars Bangsgaard and Ebbe Finding - have previously owned their shares in Qlife, in total 3,900,000 shares, via a jointly owned company, PKV Consult IVS. They have now divided the ownership into four different, own companies.

The division means that Thomas Warthoe’s, Peter Warthoe’s and Lars Bangsgaard's respective companies have acquired 1,201,200 shares each from PKV Consult IVS, and Ebbe Finding is now the sole owner of PKV Consult IVS, where he owns 296,400 shares in Qlife. After the transactions:

  • Thomas Warthoe is the largest owner in Qlife through his company with approximately 9.7 percent of capital and votes.
  • Peter Warthoe and Lars Bangsgaard are separately and via their respective companies second largest owners with approximately 7.8 percent each, and
  • With its 1.9 percent via PKV Consulting IVS, Ebbe Finding is the company's nineth largest owner.

The above ownership distribution is calculated after the issue of shares subscribed for using TO1, which is expected to be registered shortly. The transactions of the shares were carried out on June 9th. The lock-up agreement that was entered into in connection with the private placement in April 2021 continues to apply to PKV Consult IVS and now also applies to Thomas Warthoes, Peter Warthoes and Lars Bangsgaard's respective companies.