2021-01-25 08:00

Qlife granted its first patent for Egoo.Health device

Qlife announces today that it’s patent application that protects the biomarker detection unit of the Egoo.Health platform has been granted in Denmark.   

The Danish Patent Office has granted Qlife patent number DK180348 B1 for its biomarker detection unit. The biomarker detection unit consist of an integrated optical microelectromechanical system (optical MOEM) that has a dual optical unit for simultaneously measuring fluorescence and absorbance. The optical unit is integrated on a micro heating and vortex mixing unit for heating and mixing the assay reagents during assay runs.

The new patent is valid until 2039 and gives Qlife a stronger intellectual property position as the company enters commercialization. Additional patent applications for Qlife’s Egoo.Health platform are currently being processed by the patent authorities in several large international markets, such as the US, China and Japan.

”Qlife is a tech-driven company and it is essential to our development and growth that we have strong IP-strategy in order to safeguard our technology. The patent validates the uniqueness of our core technology that make us capable of detection all kinds of biomarkers both within the molecular fields, such as our Sar-CoV2 assay but also within the protein fields. The granted patent is the first step in building a platform for protecting existing and future innovations”, says Thomas Warthoe”, CEO of Qlife.