2020-05-12 16:35

Qlife has entered a first strategically important sales agreement for their COVID-19 test

Qlife and KMD have entered a sales agreement with The Danish Football League (Divisionsforeningen) to test players and staff in the professional leagues (3F Superliga and Nordicbet) for COVID-19. Qlife will deliver the test capacity and KMD will deliver the data infrastructure to secure testing of all players and staff prior to game start on 29th May and continued testing once a week during the remaining game weeks.

The parties have agreed a testing plan for all players, judges and club staff for Covid-19 in the professional leagues (3F SuperLiga and NordicBet Liga). The parties have developed a test protocol including the logistics for weekly testing.

“Our Sars-CoV-2 test is close to roll-out and this first commercial order is of great strategical importance to us. Sports is a perfect segment for Qlife, although in this specific pandemic time it is a challenging logistic task for us to offer this kind of mass testing. However, we feel that we can make a relatively large impact even with our limited production capacity, and Football is an important part of many peoples life - at Qlife we are happy that we can contribute to opening cultural life in Denmark in a safe way”, says Thomas Warthoe, CEO Qlife.

“We strongly believe that it is crucial to finish the season on course for all matches, but only if it can be done in a responsible way that does not strain the health care system. Some may think it sounds extreme with tests, but since physical contact on the course cannot be completely avoided, we take these precautions to avoid the spread of infection. " says Claus Thomsen, Director of Divisionsforeningen.

Qlife will collect test samples and run the tests with their licensed SIBA technology in-house on Egoo devices and, if needed, support in form of a multi-sample device in order to secure timely delivery. Alongside, Qlife will, within short be able to offer decentralized testing on the Egoo device at selected locations.

Since late March this year, Qlife has worked to introduce their Covid-19 test on the proprietary Egoo system and with the aim to deliver more decentral testing towards the segments of society that are not covered by public test offerings.

The aim for Qlife is to continue to decentralize and personalize clinical testing of specifically the Covid-19 test, but also other vira, bacteria and general biomarker tests that provides valuable health information at the right time. With the Egoo system as a front-line screening tool, quick results at the right time and place will make a significant difference.

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