2021-04-22 14:25

Qlife leaves development programme at Herlev Hospital

Qlife has been part of a development programme at the oncology department at Herlev Hospital since 2018, intended to validate home monitoring of kidney cancer patients. The project has been delayed several times and has been on hold since the pandemic outbreak early 2020. Qlife was to deliver Egoo devices, data integration and biomarker tests of CRP, Hb, ALAT and Sutent. The biomarker for CRP and Hb was delivered early 2020. Upon the outbreak of Corona virus and the temporary hold of the development programme, Qlife made a change in the short-term strategy, and followed the path of completing virus tests in the Egoo device, and consequently put the development of the biomarker tests for Alat and Sutent on hold.

Qlife expects that similar projects concerning home monitoring of patients for hospitals and clinics will be initiated, and the development of the relevant biomarkers will then be continued. The exit from the development programme is not expected to have any implications on the company’s turnover in 2021.

Denna information är sådan som Qlife Holding AB är skyldigt att offentliggöra enligt EU:s marknadsmissbruksförordning (EU nr 596/2014). Informationen lämnades, genom angiven kontaktpersons försorg, för offentliggörande 2021-04-22 14:25 CET.

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