2024-02-23 13:48

Qlife’s core patent granted in Europe

Qlife announces that its core patent for the Egoo system has been granted in the EU and other countries in the European market, as well as in the United Kingdom.

The key feature of the innovation is the ability to perform analysis in a microenvironment with fixed alignment, so no variability is seen between analysis and readout.

“This core patent protects how we make a highly integrated and miniaturized home micro-lab the size of a coffee mug. Normally, these mechanical elements are engineered separately, which makes a much bigger device and generates issues related to the variability of the analysis and alignment problems. Because of a highly integrated design that eliminates these issues, Egoo is not only small but also delivers laboratory-quality data, which is quite an engineering achievement. It is also an important design feature for addressing the home diagnostics market; we have all, over the years, learned that the design element of high-tech products should not be underestimated. People, patients, and nurses are not able to carry big laboratory equipment home during admissions at home, but rather a small, portable device that still provides safe and lab-quality diagnostic results,” says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.

The new patent is already carried on to international markets beyond Europe and provides Qlife with a robust intellectual property position as the company moves towards commercialization.