2020-03-13 16:30

Corona virus, COVID-19, has limited impact on Qlife Holding AB

Many people wonder how different companies handle, and how they might be affected by the ongoing situation with the Corona virus. Qlife would like to be upfront on this matter.

Qlife went public on March 2 with a clear strategy for the next year, that strategy is still being followed and we do not see any large obstacles to it due to the Corona virus outbreak. The interest for our Egoo Home System has not waned. On the contrary, the interest in being able to test patients at home compared to at a hospital is increasingly attractive in a time where limitation of infection is in focus. This is a focus that will have even more attention in the future when our health sector needs to be prepared if or when a similar situation evolves.


This increasing interest makes up for the short-term effects of the corona virus where Qlife are following the guidelines of the Danish government to limit the spread and to protect their employees from infection. All non-essential international travels have been cancelled and all employees, for whom its possible, are from today, March 13th working from home.


“We believe that the potential for the Egoo Home System is increasing in the long run, and we prepare ourselves for deliveries to a healthcare system that will have been under a lot of pressure and will need all the technological aid they can to bounce back stronger than before” Thomas Warthoe, CEO