2023-07-27 23:52

Launch of Egoo Innovate attracts attention at AACC/Clinical Lab

Expo Interest indicates good market fit

On July 25-27-2023, Qlife was exhibiting at the AACC/Clinical Lab Expo/ADLM (American Association for Clinical Chemistry/Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine) in Anaheim, California, and Egoo Innovate as an open system was officially launched.

A press conference for trade media was the kick-off, to generate editorial interest. No video was recorded.

At AACC/Clinical Lab Expo, the open system Egoo Innovate was launched and Qlife demonstrated how Egoo Innovate can be a game-changer in promoting faster and targeted implementation of critical biomarker assays into at-home testing. Participants in the conference were curious and inquisitive on the potential of the unique technology and how the open system will work for different stakeholders.

“At AACC/ADML, we were able to attract and access the world’s largest diagnostics market as well as trade media. The launch of Egoo Innovate is well-timed and the interest for implementing biomarkers on Egoo Innovate, from follow-up conversations and visitors to our booth, indicates a good market fit. Now, we can start conversations with prospective customers and partners, and potentially play a key role in the acceleration of development of new biomarkers for home-testing. We expect participation to generate new opportunities,” says Thomas Warthoe, CEO of Qlife.

See presentation in the attached.

Egoo Innovate Fact Sheet 06-2023.pdf (541.31 KB) Egoo press confernce ADLM 07-2023.pdf (5.87 MB)